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‘Twas a Very Busy Week

Starting with our return from the Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania on Sunday, this has been a whirlwind week. Monday, as you might expect, was a little bit of rest and a lot of planning and shopping for the state-wide Chamber Ambassadors event on Wednesday,  for which I was preparing a fresh fruit dish.

Tuesday included Business 2 Business Connections, and final shopping. Watermelons are very hard to come by this time of year!

My plan was to create the Cascades Falls with fruits, as a representation of one of Jackson’s most unique attractions.  Description and photos may show up on Pinterest, or in another blog, at some point.  Wednesday was entirely devoted to the Ambassadors event and it was a beautiful evening.  Many, many local restaurants and other food services provided the visitors with a wonderful variety of some local cuisine and products.  Kudos to the Jackson County Chamber Ambassadors for a successful event!

Thursday and Friday brought extra duty – for which I happily volunteer – at Riddermark Farm as Tammy completed the equine massage training.

Today, I will travel to beautiful downtown Kalamazoo to help celebrate the retirement of good friend Warren Cook.

Got to get outside and enjoy this Pure Michigan fall day :-).

Mother Earth News Fair

Our first day of the 2012 Mother Earth News Fair is history and, certainly, we burned off our pulled pork sandwich calories. This is a ski resort and there are hills and stairs everywhere!

My favorite speaker today shared ideas for incorporating fresh herbs in cooking,cosmetics, tinctures, vinegars.

There is also a wondrous bookstore, with oh, so many interesting titles.  I am planning to pick up “The Cleaner Plate Club,” to share with our Cooking with Kids Club library.

Tomorrow is a full day of speakers and demonstrations, including such topics as Gardening With and For Chickens, and Eco-Thrifty Bread.

Until next time,


Thursdays tend to be my most productive days, so I am sure hoping that is the case today!  I am guessing that my tendency toward procrastination (relatives are now rotfl) feeds this productivity — since suddenly, it always seems, the end of the week is nigh, and the to-do list woefully long.

Major activity includes helping out at Riddermark Farm ( ) so Tammy can begin the professional training course in equine massage! So exciting for her, and for the equine tenants!

Then comes final preparation for a weekend adventure to – are you ready for this? – the Mother Earth News Fair, taking place in western Pennsylvania. More on that once we hit the road tomorrow at o-dark-thirty!

Tomatoes continue to ripen almost faster than we can use them – finally finished my first ever batch of roasted garlic pasta sauce.  Tasted great while cooking – I am looking forward to a nice winter lasagna, or other treat.

Lunch-time tip if the day: don’t over pack.  Generally your students, particularly younger ages, have short lunch times and continue to play/socialize while eating. Lighten the lunch, and provide a healthy, substantive snack for mid-afternoon.

Have a great day,

Good Morning! Our premier blog!

Many, many thanks to our webmaster – Morningstar Webs for getting us set up to blog.

Fresh is Best and I, Freshie Romaine, have had a very busy Summer, trying to expand our garden, along with a major — to us anyway, construction project.

The purpose of this blog is to continue to share with all of you recipes, tips, and other healthy ideas.  We will also keep our readers updated on the happenings and progress of Fresh is Best, LLC, and our “Let US do lunch!” business.

Please share our blog with your family and friends — and share with me any questions, suggestions, recipes. etc.

Visit for updates of the Cooking with Kids Club and our healthy lunches for you.