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Updates are very scary!

For several days now, my Motorola Droid has been telling me that a system update has been downloaded and is ready to install.  I passed for some time, but decided to go ahead and let it do it’s thing this morning. OH MY!

Nothing looks the same; could not find my home screen for 40 minutes- and have no idea how I got here. No help or info on any screen or option; and far, far fewer word suggestions, which are an absolute blessing to poor typists like myself.

Change is often unsettling,  but this one was really scary!  Well, nothing to do, but wade in and do it!

Started final weeding of the raised vegetable beds this morning. Still have flat leaf parsley,  oregano, and several mints surviving, so going to have the grandson help me erect a mid*height hoop house to see what else we can raise.

OK, I am now cheered up somewhat by one successful task completed on the “upgraded” phone, so back to work.